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25.04.2003 - v1.3.2.0
12.02.2003 - v1.3.1.0
10.01.2003 - v1.3.0.0
31.12.2002 - v1.2.0.0
30.12.2002 - v1.1.1.0
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Welcome to the Wizard Cleaner Website

The only wizard who maintains and improves your system perfomances.
It consists of a set of tools which simplify the cleaning and optimization of your Windows™ system.

You can use it to reclaim wasted disk space, remove obsolete registry streams left by many setup programs, clean tracks left (silently or not) from your Internet browsing, and protect your privacy by cleaning up all unwanted history data on your computer.
The problem is, not only the junk created by temporary files and obsolete registry streams steadily shrink your drives space, but also slow and lower your apps performance and even produces hazardous crashes.

The Wizard Cleaner seeks and delete those specific files, and by using the Wizard Cleaner as a regular basis, you can fix and prevent your system from crashing and run like anew.
By now, only some high skilled user knew how to prevent their system from crashing by using some complex and fastidious tricks, well, that time is over...
The Wizard Cleaner provides you this knowledge, just by clicking a few buttons.

Despite the fact that the software is powerfull, its intuitive user interface, makes it easy to use, whether you are an everyday or an advanced user of Windows™.
The profil system provides several features that allow you to take control of every step of the cleaning process.
If you are experiencing some of the following, then give the Wizard Cleaner a try, it's absolutely free :

Annoying system effects or failure and can The Wizard Cleaner fix them ?
Unexplained hard drive space loss.Yes
Internet and/or Network connection failure.Yes
Your applications produces a "Freeze" effect.Yes
Your applications produces "Fatal Errors".Yes
Your applications are running slower than before.Yes
Windows™ "Freezes" or reboot without any reasons.Yes
You get those nasty "Blue-Screen-Of-Death" messages.Yes
You get some registry or memory leak errors.Yes

All of these are symptoms of a badly maintened system, hopefully the Wizard Cleaner can fix them for you. But let's take a glance, and see what The Wizard Cleaner can really do :

  • It uses a unique and powerfull seeking algorythm (called the Fast-File-Finder) which recognize and tracks down more than 97 unique patterns leading to find MORE THAN 200 DIFFERENT FILES, a world yet unbeaten record.
    (To be honnest, it doesn't find 200 different file... Shhh, please don't tell nobody. It can find out about 295 different files... 200 just sounded great ^_^)
  • Delete all obsolete registry streams.
  • Find specific or all duplicated files.
  • Clear all desired Internet related tracks.
  • It is really, really fast (up to 5 time faster than some other shareware/commercial system cleaner).
  • It also have an easy and intuitive user interface, which suit all needs, whether your a simple user or an advanced one.
  • Features a temporary/junk file cleaner, a registry cleaner, a duplicate file cleaner and a privacy restorer.
  • All of this, makes it a powerfull system cleaner and optimizer which is, last but not least, ABSOLUTELY FREE !!!
So why bother wasting $50 or more bucks, when you can have the same stuff for free ? Give it a try, it's worth it !
Enough of talking, let's dive into it's main features... and judge by yourself !

Clean more than 300 different temporary files.
Add your own inclusion and/or exclusion files rules to the engine.
Clean specific or all duplicate files.
Clean registry obsolete streams.
Empty Recycle Bin and Temporary directory.
- Clear StartMenu's Find computer, Find files and Run histories.
- Clear Recent docs' list.
- Clear Browsers Typed URL, Location URL and Cache.
- Delete Browsers' Cookies.
Clear the last opened documents history list of +50 everyday applications :
- Multimedia players
- Graphics utility
- Compressors
- Archivers
- Office softwares
And lots, lots more...
.:: The Wizard Cleaner, WizCleaner name, all materials and content are © 2oo2-2oo5 BOUKHMiS Kamel, All rights reserved ::.