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25.04.2003 - v1.3.2.0
12.02.2003 - v1.3.1.0
10.01.2003 - v1.3.0.0
31.12.2002 - v1.2.0.0
30.12.2002 - v1.1.1.0
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The Wizard Cleaner : Informations.

The Wizard Cleaner is not just another ordinary system cleaner, it's far more than that. It's a handy and easy tool that will safeguard your privacy and make your system more efficient by improving and optimizing it.

Your Privacy is on the line every time you use your computer! That's a matter of fact : a lot of people don't even realize that many softwares are storing informations about what were their activities (logfiles), which documents were opened (mru fileslist : aka most recent used files) or which Internet site they have been to (cookies and several other tracks storing your urls, pictures and documents).
Thus, anybody who can access your computer can see what you have done with it... what a lack of privacy, don't you think ?

But it can get drastic : Picture those tracks and temporary files add to the ordinary junk created everytime you use Windows™, in a patient attempt to steadily shrink your drives space and producing hazardous crashes.

The Wizard Cleaner : Main Features.
  • Get rid of all the temporary files lurking on your drives.
  • Delete the junk files left after uninstalling a program.
  • Clear all obsolete and unused registry streams.
  • Delete all useless Shortcuts and Linkfiles.
  • Delete your browsers' location url history list.
  • Delete your browsers' typed url history list.
  • Delete your browsers' Cache.
  • Delete your browsers' Cookies.
  • Delete MSIE Download components (temporary Internet files only).
  • Delete Windows™ Startmenu Run history.
  • Delete Windows™ Startmenu Search computer history.
  • Delete Windows™ Startmenu Search files history.
  • Delete Windows™ Temporary files directory.
  • Delete Windows™ Recent Documents list history
  • Clean the recent files history of more than 50 popular and everyday software.
  • The cleaning task are now dispatched through 4 relevant scanner engines in order to improve their efficiency.
  • Three different deletion method : delete, send to recycle bin or create a zipped backup file.
  • Advanced user files inclusion/exclusion method thanks to the 3F core.
  • Backup Center tool for managing temporary files, duplicate files or registry backups.
  • Auto detection all your installed browsers and enable/disable their relevant cleaning options.
  • Fully support MS Internet Explorer version 4, version 5 and version 6
  • Fully support Gecko version 6 and version 7 range of browsers (Netscape, Mozilla, and Phoenix/Firebird)
  • Fully support Opera browsers version 5, version 6 and version 7
  • Automatical or manual internet software update.
  • Windows™ Shell right-click integration ability: right-click a folder to clean it!
  • Automatical cleaning process thanks to the Scheduling Agent.
  • Seperated Scheduling Agent to minimize ressources and launch The Wizard Cleaner only when relevant.

Clean more than 300 different temporary files.
Add your own inclusion and/or exclusion files rules to the engine.
Clean specific or all duplicate files.
Clean registry obsolete streams.
Empty Recycle Bin and Temporary directory.
- Clear StartMenu's Find computer, Find files and Run histories.
- Clear Recent docs' list.
- Clear Browsers Typed URL, Location URL and Cache.
- Delete Browsers' Cookies.
Clear the last opened documents history list of +50 everyday applications :
- Multimedia players
- Graphics utility
- Compressors
- Archivers
- Office softwares
And lots, lots more...
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