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25.04.2003 - v1.3.2.0
12.02.2003 - v1.3.1.0
10.01.2003 - v1.3.0.0
31.12.2002 - v1.2.0.0
30.12.2002 - v1.1.1.0
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Clean more than 300 different temporary files.
Add your own inclusion and/or exclusion files rules to the engine.
Clean specific or all duplicate files.
Clean registry obsolete streams.
Empty Recycle Bin and Temporary directory.
- Clear StartMenu's Find computer, Find files and Run histories.
- Clear Recent docs' list.
- Clear Browsers Typed URL, Location URL and Cache.
- Delete Browsers' Cookies.
Clear the last opened documents history list of +50 everyday applications :
- Multimedia players
- Graphics utility
- Compressors
- Archivers
- Office softwares
And lots, lots more...
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