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25.04.2003 - v1.3.2.0
12.02.2003 - v1.3.1.0
10.01.2003 - v1.3.0.0
31.12.2002 - v1.2.0.0
30.12.2002 - v1.1.1.0
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The Wizard Cleaner : Download.

This software is ABSOLUTLY FREE, for the own sake of your Windows™ system you shoud use it as many times as necessary. It got more than 1900 downloads within 4 days (from 2004-07-17 to 2004-07-20) so it won a special award from
It was granted the top-most "5-Stars" award as a "Must Have By Anyone" utility. So don't hesitate, grab you own copy today, it's FREE and worth the download.
Oh, if forgot... don't hesitate to spread it, it surely wants to see the world !!!

The Wizard Cleaner development is always being on progress, meaning that every bug is being tracked and fixed within the shortest times available after being reported. However, you should keep in mind that i am doing this, on my spare time.
I am pointing this out because some people (in fact two guys) were complaining about several updates being released in a row (6 within a month) and then nothing for the next 2 months...
Please complain about major bugs not being fixed, not about useless stuff like that ^_^.

For any lazy people around (especially the ones involved previously), I shall remind you, that you can enable the internet update feature, within the software to get notified about any new versions.

Setup installation and other relevant files.

Previous versions are kept for compatibility issues, if any :

The Wizard Cleaner : Downloaded 28638 times.Size
Download WizCleaner version - Full Installation1636 Kb
Download WizCleaner version - Full Installation1635 Kb
Download WizCleaner version - Full Installation1723 Kb

Localization files
- English versionAuthor : BOUKHMiS Kamel
- French versionAuthor : BOUKHMiS Kamel
- Italian versionAuthor : Daniele Fiorentini
- Portuguese versionAuthor : Pedro Santos
- Spanish versionAuthor : Clara Lopez

The profile system was implemented in order to ease and enhance the user's work, just like a fire and forget utility. However some people reported it hard to understand.
So here goes a little tutorial upon creating an everyday basic profile: Cleaning all junk files located on all drives.

Download the Wizcleaner profile creation tutorial in zip archive here.

Translation team members needed.

The Wizard Cleaner is in need of other localization files. If you think that you can help with the translation, please go forward.
I should mention that you will not be paid for your work, but instead, you will have your name in every credits/greetings sections. This include the current download page, both changelogs on the website/installation package, within The Wizard Cleaner greetings and Options in front of the relevant localization file.

If you ever agree to proceed, all you have to do is to translate the English version file.
You can download it from this page or get the one provided with the latest installation package, in the 'languages' directory.
All you need to do is to load the file into your favorite text editor and start replacing each text by it's equivalent in your language.

However, to ease your work, you should download the following tool i've developped for this task :
[M.E-L.T], which stands for "My Ez Localization Tool", so i hope you find it useful.

Here goes a brief tutorial on how to use it :
  • Install and run the [M.E-L.T] translation tool.
  • Load first, the 'english.lng' language file (located in 'The Wizard Cleaner\languages\' directory).
  • If you ever have a previous version of your translation file, you should load it now, otherwise just skip this part since you have none yet.
  • The original file will show up on the left part of the screen, while the translation, will show up on the right one.
  • All untranslated strings will show up in color.
  • At the bottom, you can see how many strings you have translated out of all strings.
  • Use Ctrl + Up/Down to jump to any previous/next line.
  • Use Shift + Ctrl + Up/Down to jump to any previous/next page.
  • Use Ctrl + PageUP/PageDown to jump to any previous/next untranslated string.
  • And that's all, just translate each string on the left by your own text in the 'Translation Editor' area.
  • Don't forget to save your work. Happy translation.
For further explanations, Please refer to the main documentation provided with [M.E-L.T].
You can downlad the last version of [M.E-L.T] here or visit the main page at my website.
Clean more than 300 different temporary files.
Add your own inclusion and/or exclusion files rules to the engine.
Clean specific or all duplicate files.
Clean registry obsolete streams.
Empty Recycle Bin and Temporary directory.
- Clear StartMenu's Find computer, Find files and Run histories.
- Clear Recent docs' list.
- Clear Browsers Typed URL, Location URL and Cache.
- Delete Browsers' Cookies.
Clear the last opened documents history list of +50 everyday applications :
- Multimedia players
- Graphics utility
- Compressors
- Archivers
- Office softwares
And lots, lots more...
.:: The Wizard Cleaner, WizCleaner name, all materials and content are © 2oo2-2oo5 BOUKHMiS Kamel, All rights reserved ::.